DRM Scorecard



Open to all leaders involved in managing digital risk, the web-based Digital Risk Management Scorecard™ is the first broad benchmark of the key disciplines and capabilities for managing digital risk from a business perspective. The DRM Scorecard™ rates your current practices against a set of established best practices for managing digital business risk as well as against practices of other organizations in your industry. This industry-validated benchmark will help you understand the degree to which DRM is being practiced in your industry.

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DRM Scorecard Structure

Following the structure of the DRM Framework, the DRM Scorecard helps you answer the following questions:

  • Do we have the right skills, processes and data?
  • How are we executing the DRM disciplines, including measuring our true business risk, providing transparency to our business partners, and planning based on asset and business process risk profiles?
  • Are we making essential fact-based decisions to prioritize risk mitigation initiatives, optimize investments, and achieve the right balance between protecting the organization and running the business?
  • Have we built a business-aligned digital risk management culture in our organization?
  • How prepared are we to face common risks in our specific industry?

Additional components help assess your risk management practices, business model alignment and other DRM elements.


Custom Industry Peer Group Reporting

To allow meaningful comparisons, the DRM Scorecard allows you to define a custom peer group based on:

  • Industry
  • Company and IT employees (FTEs)
  • Industry-specific failure scenarios
  • Asset protection mechanisms
  • Revenue and budget ranges
  • Security spend, operating model, and Run-the-Business spend ratio

With the DRM Scorecard, you can be sure the comparison you want to make accurately reflects your peers.

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