DRM Framework


The Institute’s goal is to publish a generally accepted set of DRM knowledge and prescriptive approaches, enriched by concrete experiences of industry leaders, and facilitate benchmarking.

The result of the Institute’s activities, including practices elaborated by the industry focused workgroups, interviews with industry leaders, and benchmarking using the DRM Scorecard, will be documented in this eBook. It will be made available to DRM Institute members as chapters are completed.

This first-of-its-kind resource helps assess your organization’s digital risk posture according to the DRM Framework.



  • Discover the DRM Framework, from its foundation and disciplines to its decision-making capabilities
  • Read from industry leaders how they use and benefit from the DRM Framework
  • Learn how to apply the DRM Framework by participating in the DRM Scorecard


To access the chapters as soon as they are released.

To participate in the development of the DRM Framework.