Audience at the conference hall.

December 15, 1:00 p.m EST (GMT-05:00)
Online Workshop


The DRM Framework (DRMf) is here! Get ready to boost your value to your organization. After a year of collaboration with Charter Members and others, we’re ready to unwrap the most important resource to improve your organization’s digital resiliency.

The new DRMf is for C-suite and Board-level executives who seek to understand digital risks to their business in quantifiable terms in order to proactively manage them effectively. This online workshop is for members only. To join the DRM Institute, apply here.


  • About DRM Institute
  • Unwrap DRM Framework
  • Learn how to apply it to your organization
  • Set date for DRM Framework Workgroup
  • Wrap-up & next steps



This is a members-only event. To join, apply here. All DRM Institute Members are invited to participate. Access instructions will be sent to your registered email address and posted in our LinkedIn private groups:

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For Members Only

Only DRM Institute Members have access to use the DRM Framework, attend the launch event, and participate in our collaborative forums. If you know a friend or co-worker who would benefit from learning the DRM Framework, please invite them to join the DRM Institute before this launch. They too can be on the ground floor of a new paradigm in protecting against digital risks and cyber attacks.

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