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The DRM Institute meetings and research initiatives will help you rapidly mature your ability to manage digital risk from the business perspective.

Digital risk has acquired executive and board-level visibility given the increased dependence on digital processes to run your business. It is now expected that business executives, risk officers, CIOs and CISOs understand the risk profile of their business on an ongoing basis and know what risk mitigation initiatives will have the greatest impact on protecting the business, based on a set of shared knowledge, risk measurement and management best practices.

If you are a business leader or a risk officer, you will be able to better balance the need for protection of the organization with the need to run the business, to make more informed decisions on what risk mitigations initiatives to invest in, and to improve your reporting to the board and to the auditors.

If you are a technology or security executive, possessing DRM knowledge, demonstrating business acumen, and creating business-aligned risk mitigation plans may be the surest way for you to improve credibility with your business partners.

Additionally, the network of members who are participating in the Institute are outstanding business and technology leaders and innovators in each of their vertical industries. You will be able to leverage this network and the business relationships that it affords for both you and your organization.

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