Free consultation with GDPR experts available as GDPR Takes Effect


WASHINGTON – June 11, 2018 — The Digital Risk Management Institute (DRM Institute), a not-for-profit organization formed to identify and communicate best practices for managing digital business risk, today announced the launch of “GDPR Practice” a new service providing GDPR expert readiness information and consultation in alliance with the GDPR Institut.

As part of the DRMI GDPR Practice, a free consultation with a GDPR expert  can be requested. This will provide you the opportunity to have a dialogue on your specific GDPR related issues and queries and to ask any questions you wish.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect May 25 and is now enforcing how businesses store, access and process EU citizen’s sensitive digital data with the explicit purpose to protect their rights to privacy and data protection. GDPR compliance necessitates explicit processes and procedures, pseudonymization (including data encryption and or tokenization) and building a business-wide culture of privacy and protection, among other things. Failure to achieve compliance will result in penalties and fines up to 20 million euros or 4% of a company’s annual global revenue — whichever is larger.

The mission of the DRMI’s GDPR Practice is to guide organizations through the necessary steps to be in a GDPR defensible position.

“DRMI’s new GDPR Practice is focused on guiding companies through the maze of requirements necessary to be GDPR ready,” said David Morris, Executive Director of the DRM Institute. “The regulation puts the control and use of an EU citizen’s personal identifiable information in the hands of the data subjects; this means businesses, regardless of location, need to review and revise how they are storing, processing and controlling EU citizen’s personal data within every part of their organization. Conceptually it’s very simple – to focus on creating trust and control – providing for data privacy by design and default. GDPR may be one of the strongest forces of change impacting business for a generation.”

“DRMI’s GDPR Practice is a highly complementary consulting service that assesses and provides recommendations to both the processors and controllers of data,” said Charles Ambuhl, incoming President of the DRM Institute. “The goal is to sustain business continuity in an increasingly risk-intensive world by assisting companies or organizations with the change management necessary to be in a GDPR defensible position.”

“The GDPR Institut is pleased to have the DRM Institute as its North American representative,” said Martyn Hope, co-founder of the GDPR Institut.  “We are impressed by the DRM Institute’s knowledge and extensive experience in the area of Risk Management and securing Personal Identifiable Information.” Senior members of the GDPR Institut’s founding council played an active part in lobbying the EU regulators during the creation and development of the GDPR regulation. Which means the Institut is uniquely positioned to provide insight and recommendations on all aspects of the regulation, its implication and how organizations best address this huge market opportunity.

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About the DRM Institute

DRM Institute provides a practical, analytical discipline for managing digital risk from a business perspective, by enabling business and technology leaders and their security partners to collaborate on business aligned decisions.

The DRM Institute provides a framework for managing risk across various functions by relying on the quantification of the business impact of digital risk. This enables business leaders to understand the risk profile of their operations and for the organization as a whole to make risk mitigation decisions based on the level of operational and financial risk.

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About the GDPR Institut

The GDPR Institut is an association of experts around the globe brought together to assist clients to understand the implications of GDPR, to share knowledge, advice and guidance.

We offer access to greater insight, knowledge and understanding of all matters GDPR. Learn from others’ experience and chart the most efficient path to regulatory compliance.

Experts in identifying the technology, talent, legal and auditing skills you need to ensure you have a complete, secure defensible GDPR Strategy. Allowing you to focus on building your brand, customer, employee & supplier confidence in the Digital Economy, whilst mitigating the impact of any potential data breach.

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