The Digital Risk Management (DRM) Institute is an independent, expert nonprofit organization led by business executives, risk officers and CISOs to analyze digital failure scenarios, create standard DRM knowledge, and promote best practices for managing digital business risk. There are three types of members. Nominated and approved officers facilitate the day-to-day running of the Institute.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the Institute in fulfilling its mission. Our Board members are highly visible members of the community dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of DRM knowledge, principles and best practices. As such, they play a pioneering role in shaping that knowledge and those principles and best practices. Learn More >

Charter Members

Participants in our working groups contribute to our research efforts and publications. They are responsible for reviewing our work products and are often asked to represent the DRM Institute through speaking opportunities, press interviews and other venues. Learn More >

General Members

Our general members have access to all finished work products, are invited to our panels and conferences, and are encouraged to connect with the other members of the DRM Institute.


How will you benefit from membership in the DRM Institute?